Justice for Jack Sqi Taylor

ISBN: 9781598588620

Published: August 17th 2009


370 pages


Justice for Jack  by  Sqi Taylor

Justice for Jack by Sqi Taylor
August 17th 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 370 pages | ISBN: 9781598588620 | 7.74 Mb

Sqi Taylor (pronounced SKY) has lived an amazing life, including over ten years of work in law-enforcement, 20 years working with both juvenile and adult offenders and being a foster parent to over 60 youth. She has worked with prisons, directed two non-profit agencies, owned her own business and was once nominated as a Woman of Distinction in her community.

In Casper, Wyoming she and a handful of believers founded a Therapeutic Riding Academy for people with physical, mental, emotional, financial or spiritual disabilities. Her pen name is an on-air name her daughter Lacy gave her, while working as a radio personality as a second job to make ends meet. Interestingly enough, Sqi was a female action hero in a card collection of crime fighting characters. Writing mostly as a passionate hobby for over 30 years, this was the ONE story she was absolutely compelled to share with the world.A tantalizing, 23 year-old unsolved homicide case, turned into over six years of research, ultimately leading back to a much older unsolved murder in Wyoming in 1949 and a mysterious death in Oklahoma in the 1970s.

Eventually, all roads led back to, or were connected with the person who was finally arrested, tried and convicted of Jack Humphreys murder, nearly twenty-nine years after his death.Whenever innocent blood is spilled in a cold, bizarre manner the emotional, mental and physical devastation is made even greater by either intentional or unintentional actions we naturally blame on the system.

Sad to say, its not the system, just some people in it, the choices and decisions they make. Mishaps, mistakes, legal or local bias, laziness, political or personal agendas more often than we realize, only repeatedly, re-victimize families or people we love or that love us.What followed the gruesome, senseless, slaying of Jack Humphrey was one of the most shocking, cruel and riveting persecutions of a victims family anyone could imagine.

How did the murder of an honest, hard-working family man of average means, become such a politically sensitive, unsolved murder case and remain so, for over a quarter of a century? Thats the billion dollar question you ultimately must answer for yourself Throughout this tumultuous journey its clear that good men and women then and now, risk careers, their families, lives and reputations every day, either fighting for truth and justice or falling to the temptation of the oldest and still deadliest of sins: Lust, Lies, Sloth, Greed and Murder!

For any one left to navigate through a very tricky, risky, tedious and complex maze, filled with paper and people, Justice for Jack is a must read!

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