Strawberry Stables: A Forever Promise Bobbi Kenady

ISBN: 9781484910375

Published: May 21st 2013


156 pages


Strawberry Stables: A Forever Promise  by  Bobbi Kenady

Strawberry Stables: A Forever Promise by Bobbi Kenady
May 21st 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 156 pages | ISBN: 9781484910375 | 5.17 Mb

Strawberry Stables - A Forever Promise is the first book is the Strawberry Stables series that chronicles the stories of three couples as they fall in love at Strawberry Stables. As soon as Bethany Carson felt she was getting over the death of her fiance, her mother dies. Now her long lost father arrives to offer her a safe haven in Florida to recuperate and consider the possibility of offering her father forgiveness.

She accepts the hospitality of the Garrison family, her fathers employer- it seems like a peaceful place to relax and gather her thoughts. That is until she comes face to face with Brady Garrison. The magnetism between them makes her realize that this will not be a peaceful place to relax and gather her thoughts at all.

Brady is not shy about sharing the intense desire he feels for her or the fact that he isnt into long term relationships. Will the fire that has ignited between them convince Brady that just maybe he is ready for a forever kind of promise? Will Bethany realize that her future didnt die with her fiance? Excerpt: You look so beautiful right now, the words flowed out of his mouth before he was able to stop them. Ah, thank you, she wasnt sure how to respond. She chose not to tell him that he was looking extremely good to her at the moment also.

You really do, he lifted his fingers to brush stray hairs from her face. Words would not form in her throat, not that she had any idea what to say. She felt herself being swept away in the depths of his dark eyes. His fingers were leaving a trail of fire along her cheek. How she wanted to reach up to touch his face- but she kept her fingers clenched at her sides.

A wave caught them both off guard, causing her to lose her balance. Bradys hands grabbed her arms and pulled her against his body holding her steady. Her body may have been steady against his chest. But her breath was far from steady and her heart was beating rapidly against her own chest. Tentatively she raised her eyes to meet his.

She wanted to thank him but she couldnt think clearly with his body pressing against hers. Of their own vocation, her hands rested against his sides. She felt his body tremble ever so slightly under her touch. He bent his head slightly toward her- giving her an opportunity to back away.

She didnt.

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