Watonka Bruce Stapleton

ISBN: 9780595129263

Published: December 1st 2000


108 pages


Watonka  by  Bruce Stapleton

Watonka by Bruce Stapleton
December 1st 2000 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 108 pages | ISBN: 9780595129263 | 7.25 Mb

In a dream, the Great Spirit reveals to the descendant of a Sioux warrior how children will help bring peace to the tormented spirits of Arapaho ghost dancers. Two mysterious young visitors join forces with two boys in a small Oklahoma town, and are led to Little Fox, the great-niece of a revered Cheyenne medicine man. The children uncover a long-forgotten journal of the medicine man, which describes a Cherokee formulae used many years before to cure Arapaho chief Watonka of cancer. The warriors descendant suffers from the same disease, as does Gentle Bear, a Cheyenne friend of Little Fox.Spirits of the ghost dancers, led by Watonka, appear to the children and in doing so reveal the healing plants used in the formulae.

With the help of Little Fox, the children gather the plants and prepare the medicines, which relieve Gentle Bears suffering. Unfortunately, Gentle Bears drunken and violent husband, Horace Calicott, tries to steal the now-valuable journal from the children. This sets up a tense and dramatic climax to the story, with the ghost dancers symbolic redemption and the descendants life hanging in the balance.

The surprise ending reveals the true purpose of the mysterious visitors, and the Great Spirits possible motives for interceding on behalf of the ghost dancers.

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